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Amanda Gazzola


I am a certified Life Coach and Fitness Competitor with years of experience working with industry experts as well as training myself and clients. I love to bring FUN, EXCITEMENT, and a POSITIVE OUTLOOK back in to peoples lives.
After an initial consultation, I will custom design a program to bring back confidence in yourself again. You will learn how to be confident in the life you are living and improve where you are and where you are going! 
Whether you suffer from weight loss issues or you feel as if no matter what you do you you are never happy or satisfied with your accomplishments I will guide you back to the person that you imagine yourself to be. 
As a Life Coach I care as much, if not more about your mental attitude towards life than the number that you see on the scale each morning. This is because I KNOW that having a positive attitude in life has REAL effects on hormone levels, sleep patterns and more. 
Having a healthy, positive attitude towards yourself is a key component to making big changes in your body and may be the key to what has been holding you back! 
Working together we will begin establishing daily habits that will bring you more ENERGY, more CONFIDENCE and most importantly, LASTING CHANGE.







Guelph, Ontario

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