November 21st & 28th World of Write Offs – ONLINE


Take a Journey through the World of Write Offs!

A note from Sara: “If you are a business owner, this is a must attend event! Here is what I know.
i) Maximizing your business expenses is the easiest way to keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.
ii) Increasing your education about the financial area of your business will help you keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.
iii) Learning to understand how you can legally invest more in you and your business, yet save more on your taxes will help you keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.
Do you see a common thread here?”

Let Sara show you how to keep more of your hard earned money in your pockets! Sara is an active certified bookkeeper, with 3 diplomas. She has over 19 years experience, with over 36,000 bookkeeping hours, servicing over 1,500 entrepreneurs. Sara has seen it all. Her mission is to help all entrepreneurs keep more of their earned money, so that can continue to grow their business and support their families.

Plan on joining Sara on November 21st & November 28th for the World of Write Offs. This is the 7th year for this workshop and it continues to amaze the attendees as they discover knowledge that they never knew!
This 2 part webinar/workshop will help all business owners understand the rules & regulations around business expenses. We will walk through what is allowed and not allowed by CRA, how to properly track all expenses, how to calculate auto & home expenses, discuss how different software systems can help you on a daily basis, learn how HST and other business taxes work & much more.

All business owners, including non members & men, are welcome to participate in this seminar.

When: 2 part series: Tuesday November 21 & 28, 2017  |  8:00pm to 10:00pm (EST)

Where:  From the comfort of your home/office, on your computer

$47.00 for guests and Standard Members
$40.00 Elite/Elite+ Members

**tickets are transferable (up to 24 hours prior to event date), but non-refundable.**

**You will be emailed the webinar link by November 20, 2017**

Standing Ovations: 

Amanda says: “I attended World of Write Offs last year! I have only being in business for myself a year and new that this would be a great asset for my business!
I know the obvious things like keep receipts and writing off dinners with clients. But I know there was a lot I did not know.
I wanted to learn more about HST, office supplies, travel expense, cost of goods. I got so much clarity out of attending this workshop and had so many ‘ah-ha’ moments as well as ‘WOW’ moments.
It felt good to be able to take better control of my business and learn how to manage my expenses! I wrote down pages of notes and have been implementing a lot of what I learned in my business!
Thank you Sara for hosting such a great seminar!”

Amanda Gazzola, Elite+ Member
Journey to Greatness

Nicole says: “The World of Write offs was such an empowering seminar. It wasn’t just boring “here are the facts, do this don’t do that” non sense you think when you think of “tax stuff”, Sara breaks it all down so it’s relatable and simple. I was impressed by the variety of people that attended, they were all at different stages in their business but everyone was jotting notes as quickly as the person beside them. We all learned so much that day. I would absolutely recommend this seminar to anyone that has a business or is thinking about starting their out business.”

Nicole Hennessy, Elite+ Member
Body Design Fitness



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