Webinar: Health Hack! Brain Optimization, Anxiety, and the Success of Your Business


Many people don’t take risks for fear or worry of failure.

Anxiety is a state of mind: Fight or Flight Hormones are released during anxiety and the worry sensation can spiral into a panic attack. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your anxiety to help you succeed in your business?”

In this webinar, Dianah Warrington teaches us:

  • What happens to your mind and body when you have anxiety
  • Why some of those worries and fears are important to becoming successful in your business
  • How those worries keep you from becoming successful because you won’t take risks that could move you ahead
  • How sometimes those worries keep you more mindful of things you may not have considered otherwise, therefore helping you avoid situations that could be costly to your business.

This webinar is made available to Mompreneur members as part of the educational learning modules through Mompreneurs Momentum Enterprise of Canada.

Mompreneur Dianah Warrington, Allysian Sciences

Dianah Warrington is an Elite+ Mompreneur® Member from Waterloo, Ontario, and is a successful relationship marketer with Allysian Sciences.

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