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The Untold Secret as to Why You Feel Stuck in Your Life

Written by Danielle Joworski

woman in nature thinking about her life

Your mother probably never told you this, because she was never told. Or allowed. You are probably passing this onto your daughter, friends, peers and team members without even realizing it, because you were never told, or allowed.

And you are left wondering why you are stuck.

What is the biggest secret causing generations of women to feel stuck in their lives? If you are not living YOUR life, you are living A life.

When living A life, you are conscious of what your thoughts, beliefs and values are, and that they orchestrate your actions and behaviors. You may agree or disagree with your movements throughout life, but you keep moving forward without much awareness of why you do what you do… even if you do not want to do it.

To live YOUR life, your mindset shifts. You become conscious of the origin of your thoughts, beliefs and values, while at the same time, becoming aware that you can give yourself permission as to how to react or respond to the experiences life provides you with. You use courage to make the conscious decision to accept or reject the origin of your thoughts, beliefs and values. You empower yourself to create new ones based on your own knowledge, experiences and innate sense of truth as to who you are. You shift to creating your own reality and sense of self in each moment, from unconsciously allowing long-past ideologies and false-truths to create your realities today.

When you are living your life, whereby you are standing in your truth, you will feel light. You will feel free. Passion, purpose and a sense of intention will lead your actions. There will be no anchor holding you down, or baggage slowing your growth forward. Your feet will effortlessly move forward towards goals and results that align with your true beliefs, values, and what makes you feel that sense of life and happiness every day.

You can break the cycle of beliefs passed onto you from days past, in order to life your life today, for you, in the present. I am proof that by standing in my truth and learning how to find passion and purpose in my life, I am now living a truly happy life. My life.

Now that you know the secret, you can start living a life unstuck from what is holding you back. By embodying your truth, you will see, feel and BE living YOUR life. As you learn how to live YOUR life, you become a role-model to younger generations of girls, showing them how they can live THEIR life, empowering them to discover what their truth is at a much younger age.

Awaken. Empower. Master.

~ Danielle

Mompreneur Danielle Joworski

Danielle Joworski is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Guelph, Ontario, and is the author of The Athena Prodigies. Every day, Danielle lives her I AM life, consciously aware that she can always do more to empower women and girls. You can learn more about Danielle and download a complimentary audio gift by visiting her website. Listen to it when waiting in the drive-thru, brushing your teeth, or when you just need that minute (or 2!) to yourself to breathe.

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Madelaine Golec – ECO Physiotherapy

Madelaine Golec is a new Elite Mompreneur member based out of Mississauga, Ontario, and as a Registered Physiotherapist, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, and owner of ECO Physiotherapy, she is passionate about helping others find their optimal health! We are excited to share Madelaine’s Success Story!

Mompreneur Madelaine Golec, owner of ECO Physio in Mississauga

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
My family inspired me to become an entrepreneur. My dad always told me to go to school, get a good job and be independent when I was a little girl. Little did I know that would result in me being my own boss.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
The best part of owning my own business is autonomy. The freedom to make decisions and implement new ideas.

Can you describe a typical day?
In the morning I am typically at home with my daughter. Besides playing with her, the morning and afternoon is centered round planning for the day, taking care of e-mails and my do list (both personal and business). Once I arrive at work, it is usually catching up quickly on any events or “to-do’s” then I start treating clients. Once I arrive home from work, it is family dinner time, jiu jitsu training, followed by reading or researching and finally finishing the day with mindfulness meditation. Continue reading Madelaine Golec – ECO Physiotherapy

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How I Gave Away 1,000 Business Cards & Still Failed at Networking

Written by Tessa Kampen

networking tips

When I started networking, I was the best card dealer you have ever seen. If I came home with empty pockets, I thought I was a Rockstar because that meant I gave out 20 cards!

I don’t know about you, but for me that is what I assumed networking was – getting my business card into as many hands as possible. I want to show you why I was SO wrong and the 3 key things I learned about effective networking and how to win every time!


It’s Not About You

You know when you meet someone at an event and you introduce yourself and ask them what they do… and immediately they pull out their card and tell you all about the company they work for and how amazing it is? That was me. Another big no-no is going around to all the tables and slapping your postcards on all the place settings. Don’t do that!

When you attend an event, go with the sole purpose of serving other people. Instead of thinking to yourself “what are you going to do for me”, think instead about what YOU can do for THEM! Try this out at your next event – start up a conversation with someone about who THEY are and try to find a common ground. Ask them if they ever attended this event before, where do they live, compliment their outfit or earrings. Then ask them what they do and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Make it about them, not you.  Continue reading How I Gave Away 1,000 Business Cards & Still Failed at Networking

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Julie Rock – Julie Rock Photography

Julie Rock is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Milton, Ontario. She is a talented photographer, specializing in newborn, portraits, and head shots professionally through her company Julie Rock Photography. We are excited to share Julie’s Success Story!

Mompreneur Julie Rock of Julie Rock Photography - milton photographer

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Once upon a time ago, I worked in retail, which meant a combination of days, evenings and weekends which was ok, until I was denied a weekend off to celebrate my son’s 1st birthday. I then realized that I really didn’t want other people telling me when I had to work and decided to start offering daycare – I was able to set my own hours AND stay home with my son; it was a win-win! Little did I know that this was just the start of my journey and that 19 years later I would be a photographer!

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
The best part of owning my own business is being able to set my own work days, hours and schedule those around my family!

mompreneur Julie Rock - photographer

Can you describe a typical day?
I don’t know that I really have a typical day! My days are different as I still run a daycare 3/4 days a week as well as my photography business, but a usual photography day is returning emails/phone calls in the morning before my kids get up, doing the morning routine and getting 3 out of 4 kids off to school/on the bus. I then spend the morning with my youngest who is still home with me, returning calls and emails and/or editing takes place in the afternoon before I have to go pick up the kids after school. Whatever I don’t get finished in the afternoon gets done at night after the kids go to bed. That is pretty much my typical day 🙂

maternity photography from mompreneur Julie Rock - photographer in Milton, Ontario Continue reading Julie Rock – Julie Rock Photography

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Company Profile: CubbyCubes

As featured in our Mompreneurs Marketplace at The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference

CubbyCubes were created by Elite Mompreneur member Sandi Silver with the purpose of simplifying and organizing her kids cubbies and shelves when they went to overnight camp.  When visiting them on Visitor’s Day it was apparent that something needed to be done to help her boys find their clothing with greater ease. Sandi decided to use her own packing cubes for them that were typically used for travel when organizing the family when going on vacation.

Mompreneur Sandi Silver of Cubby Cubes - logo

CubbyCubes is a new kind of packing cube. As a mother who was tired of disorganized camp cubbies, missing shorts, and t-shirts with shoe prints on clothing (true story!), Sandi created this product with modifications she knew were necessary for organized and convenient travel. What differentiates us from other similar products is that we added a label window that fits a standard business card. On this card is where you write the contents of the unit.

The design has a unique advantage over competitor brands because of the label window that appears behind the handle. Labels are available as well that are reusable (you can write on it with a Sharpie, erase with rubbing alcohol and write on it again!)  This time-saving feature allows any child or adult to easily locate their clothing and miscellaneous items, making CubbyCubes a must-have travel and life accessory.

mompreneur Sandi Silver of Cubby Cubes Continue reading Company Profile: CubbyCubes

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The 5 W’s of Outsourcing

How to Increase Your Revenue and Fall Back in Love with Your Business

Written by Michelle Callipari

The 5 W's of Outsourcing, tips from mompreneur Virtual Assistant Michelle Callipari VA

Hey You! Yeah I’m talking to you! Stop trying to do it all yourself!

I’m not saying this because I am a Virtual Assistant, but because we all have our strengths and we all have those things that we aren’t meant to be doing. We only have 24 hours in a day and at least 6 – 8 of those hours should be spent sleeping.

And let’s be honest here… there is at least one thing in your business that you absolutely loathe doing. Go on, tell me, what is it? Is it bookkeeping? Graphic design? Is it blog writing? Is it HST or taxes?Newsletters? Invoicing? Emails? I know, it’s Social Media isn’t it?!

I know there is something… and THAT thing is the thing you should be outsourcing right now!

Let’s take a quick walk through my version of the 5 W’s of Outsourcing… and I’m gonna throw in the How as well:

Who to Outsource To

Anyone who has a business or is in business has the opportunity (and need) to delegate and outsource.  To whom do you delegate, you ask? Well, typically a Virtual Assistant is a good place to start. Most VA’s have a specialty or a niche, or some are “generalists”, which means they do a whole lot of everything. Some freelancers don’t call themselves VA’s, like bookkeepers, graphic designers, web designers etc., so it’s best to have an idea of what you’re looking for.

What to Outsource

That thing that popped into your head just a moment ago! That thing that you despise doing or that thing that takes up way too much of your time. That thing that must get done, but is non-revenue generating. That thing you keep pushing to the bottom of your To Do List… Yeah, that thing! Continue reading The 5 W’s of Outsourcing

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Uzma Rasikh – UZ Insurance Solutions

Uzma Rasikh is an Elite member based out of Halton Region. She is dedicated to helping others, through her company UZ Insurance Solutions, where, as a Licensed Insurance Broker, she provides Travel, Term, Life, Critical Illness Insurances, and Group Employee Insurance. We are excited to share her story!

mompreneur Uzma Rasikh - UZ Insurance Solutions

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 
I was always an outstanding employee in my various jobs. There came a time when I felt that I could use my skills, talents and experiences to start building my own business where I could get higher returns on effort. The freedom of being an entrepreneur where I am in charge of all my decisions was the motivating factor.

What’s the best part about owning your own business? 
Knowing that I will reap 100% rewards of all the efforts. Being able to take business risks and venturing into the unknown is the freedom one gets out of owning a business. I am answerable to no one and the responsibility to succeed is solely on my own shoulders.

Can you describe a typical day? 
There is no such thing as a typical day in my life as each day is a balancing act between work, family, household etc. Having 3 teenagers to manage, being an Insurance Broker with clients all over the GTA and a Managing General Agency (MGA) in a location outside my home town, I am constantly on the go. My children are in high school. There are after school activities, tuitions, college applications to manage, then there are my insurance clients who realize they need to buy travel insurance from me when sitting at the airport . My weekly calendar is strewn with meetings with clients, one-on-one time with children and husband and a wide array of activities ranging from community and networking events to scheduled trainings for professional and personal development and quiet time at my desk spent in designing insurance solutions for clients with unique needs.

Who do you count on for help? Do you have a network of family that answer the call? 
My husband Zafar is my support system. He is a one-man army who helps me in every way possible in my business and at home. I migrated to Canada 3 years ago from Pakistan, so all the friends I have are relatively new. I moved from Toronto to Milton a year ago when I again met new people in my community and neighbourhood. I now have some close friends, but it’s still fairly recent that I’ve met them.  Continue reading Uzma Rasikh – UZ Insurance Solutions

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Mompreneur Tweet Chats for 2017

It may be a bit funny to say the words, but a ‘tweet chat’ can be a really engaging experience to learn helpful tips, gain sage advice, and connect with other women entrepreneurs online that you may not have ever even met.

We’re happy to offer monthly tweet chats using the hashtag #MompreneurChat, where we focus on a particular theme, issue, or topic, and chat together with fellow women entrepreneurs using guided questions and links for advice and reference.

Mark them on your calendar – and be sure to join us on Twitter!

Mompreneur Tweet Chats on Twitter #MompreneurChat

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Patsy Commisso – Metabolic Care Clinics

Patsy Commisso is an Elite member based out of Oakville, Ontario. She is the owner of Metabolic Care Clinics, where Patsy and her team offer a variety of solutions for your optimal health including for weight loss, disease support, athletic performance, stress management, healthy kids and female hormone support. Their programs include amazing nutrition plans, fitness programs and wellness supports, designed to get you fit and healthy! We are thrilled to share Patsy’s entrepreneurial journey…

mompreneur Patsy Commisso of Metabolic Care Clinics

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
It’s funny, looking at my parents, cousins, and even my husband, all of us are entrepreneurs! We seem to all have a special talent and we have decided to showcase it and bundle it up for sale. We know that talent alone will only get you so far! The ingredient that seems to be part of my DNA is hard work. Work was such a large part of my upbringing; working in family businesses and giving it my all is a part of who I am.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
I am a take charge kind of girl; I like to see things evolve and don’t want to wait for decisions to be passed through layers. Being an entrepreneur, I have direct access to understand what my members need and can make their requests happen. I am also a mom of 3; part of my business plan includes picking up my children from school because they are not feeling well, or missing a day or two to support my kids in their sport tournaments.

Metabolic Care Clinics - mompreneur Patsy Commisso

Can you describe a typical day?
Where does the day start: I wake up at 6:00am every morning and use the first 40 minutes of my day de-stressing with high impact exercise. I then get ready for my work day and set my three kids up with a healthy breakfast and portable lunch. After dropping the kids off at school I head to MCC (metabolic care clinics). I love walking into my clinic; there is always a happy feeling that comes over me. The clinic day seems to be done with a blink of an eye… Continue reading Patsy Commisso – Metabolic Care Clinics

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Direct Sales 101

Written by Deborah Hilton


The basics of sales are the same within any industry around the world: you must be committed and consistent. Within the direct sales industry, there are a few key areas that will help you build your empire. There will always be other consultants out there that do exactly what you do, so don’t be the reason they look for someone else to buy their product from or build a business with! Future growth is waiting for you with a few small steps.

  1. Invest the time to develop a tracking system that you regularly check in with. Even a basic spreadsheet can provide you with a key spot to track your customer’s purchases, their favourite product, and when you last connected with them. Be consistent. We hear it all the time in direct sales: without follow up, you will lose business.
  1. Set aside dedicated time to follow up. And, pick up the phone! If a customer filled out a draw slip at a trade show, or placed an order with you, set aside the time to pick up the phone and call them. Texting and messaging is very convenient, but you can engage easier with them when you have a personal conversation. Sure, you might get a voice mail, and that’s okay. Leave a message. Even if they don’t call you back, it’s your desire to serve that will shine through. If you dedicate an hour or so each week to connect with your customers,, repeat business will be waiting for you. It might seem like a waste of time, especially when there are many points of contact, that don’t lead to an immediate sale. Direct sales is all about relationship building. It takes time. Be patient. It will come.

Continue reading Direct Sales 101