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To Go “All In”

Written by Danielle Joworski

author Danielle Joworski - go all in

To go all in
Means to not look back
To fear what was, could be, or never will know

To have a belief
So strong in its roots
That shelters, supports, pushes and grows

To accept that life
Will present gifts of few and plenty
All in time, aligned with your true desires

To move from
Mundane and routine
To something that gives you a sense of passion and fire

To bring a dream
From ideas and thoughts
Into something you crafted, nobody else has built

Never knowing if a plan
Thought, checklist, or note
Will be what pays the bills, debt or guilt

To live a life
Pursuing a dream
Is not for the faint-at-heart or weak

To mother yourself
And a family as well
During times of prosperity and when a future looks bleak

It means to exist
Believing you can
Based on what you know, do and feel

To rise above
Thoughts, words and fears
With strength, confidence and courage so raw and real

It pushes you
Into depths of yourself
Traces of your soul you never knew existed

You see who
What, and can be
Every facet of your brilliance because you persisted

You shut out
You close down
The critics within and those around you

You seek out
Those you want close
People and groups that allow you to be true

It can be scary
When treading
Entrepreneurial waters for the first time

#OurTribe becomes those
You rely on
The family you choose, who help on the drop of a dime

You take advantage
Of all that is offered
Because you learn more when your ego steps back

And allows you to grow
From the experience
Of others, that you use to keep you on track

To what you truly desire
To see, feel and BE
To stand in your truth, a line in the sand drawn one day

All of this you created
Was only possible because
You went all in, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mompreneur Danielle Joworski

Danielle Joworski is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Guelph, Ontario, and is the author of The Athena Prodigies. Every day, Danielle lives her I AM life, consciously aware that she can always do more to empower women and girls. You can learn more about Danielle and download a complimentary audio gift by visiting her website. Listen to it when waiting in the drive-thru, brushing your teeth, or when you just need that minute (or 2!) to yourself to breathe.

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