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Mompreneur Tweet Chats for 2017

It may be a bit funny to say the words, but a ‘tweet chat’ can be a really engaging experience to learn helpful tips, gain sage advice, and connect with other women entrepreneurs online that you may not have ever even met.

We’re happy to offer monthly tweet chats using the hashtag #MompreneurChat, where we focus on a particular theme, issue, or topic, and chat together with fellow women entrepreneurs using guided questions and links for advice and reference.

Mark them on your calendar – and be sure to join us on Twitter!

Mompreneur Tweet Chats on Twitter #MompreneurChat

One thought on “Mompreneur Tweet Chats for 2017

  1. I’m new around here and I’ve just launched a freelance-based service business. I’m thrilled to be part of this generous community! I’m marking my calendar for #MompreneurChat.

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