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“Above & Beyond” Event

pink quotation mark for mompreneursJust wanted to say that last weekend [at The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference] was THE MOST AMAZING WOMEN’S WEEKEND IN MY WHOLE LIFE! Wow!!
Kudos to all of you for creating this ‘above and beyond event.’ I am so grateful to you Maria and to your team for this an amazing weekend. I am so inspired by everyone at this event.

Kathleen Woodington
Owner, Access You
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3 Things I Learned as a Mompreneur Award Nominee

Written by Penny Norkett

I was so excited on Monday as I anticipated watching the Facebook Live announcements of the top 22 finalists for the 2017 Mompreneur Awards. My heart was filled with love and anticipation as I logged onto Facebook. I went to the event page and saw no one there. I checked my newsfeed to see if the live would pop up – nothing.  I frantically searched my notifications to see if there was a direct link – nothing. I finally found the correct Mompreneur Group and seeing Maria Locker, I knew I was in the right place.

My heart was pounding, sending positive energy to Maria as she announced the winners. My internet connection started to fade. “No”, I thought, “I need to be on this Live broadcast.” My time was limited as I was heading out the door to my Toastmaster’s meeting, and I was printing off the grammarian role as I listened intently.

The first award Maria announced was the Mompreneur Award of Merit. My heart was so happy when a local woman named Paula was announced! She has committed wholeheartedly to stepping out of her comfort zone to lead a team to new heights. At one point during a mompreneur challenge to follow up with 10 clients a day, she stopped as she had reached her maximum capacity. That is how dedicated she is – all while being an awesome friend, wife, mom and countless other roles. I have had the privilege to attend one of Paula’s trunk shows and know the family sacrifice she makes as she had driven into town from a camping trip to represent her company.

The next award Maria announced was the Mompreneur Startup Award. I knew several women who were in this category; it had so many qualified candidates even the organizers could not pick just 5. The 6 finalists were named and I didn’t personally know any of them. I wasn’t chosen, but neither were countless other talented successful mompreneurs. Instead of feeling disappointed, I felt amazing, the reasons being:

  1. I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.
  2. I was included amongst an amazing group that did not move forward.
  3. I now had more time to concentrate on helping more women in my private coaching practice.

Fear did not win this time. Fear could have prevented me from entering. Fear of failure as well as fear of success could have stopped me. I am not a loser. I am a winner – conquering my fear to step out of my comfort zone. I am in charge of my feelings and the disappointment I was afraid I would feel, never happened. This experience was a complete WIN!

Congratulations to the finalists; see you next year.

Mompreneur member Penny NorkettPenny Norkett is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Breslau, Ontario. As a Visibility Empowerment Coach and Success Strategist, Penny assists aspiring coaches, entrepreneurs and business women to overcome their fears and blocks to gain confidence to become visible doing Facebook Live videos so they can share their message, attract their ideal client and grow their business while making a positive impact in their lives and for those they serve.

Penny is the co-author of the #1 International Bestselling book “100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening, and Empowerment” and has published inspiring articles for Mompreneurs, The Huffington Post and Simply Woman online magazine. She is a rising speaker, inspiring many women around the globe, and she is leading a community of like-minded women in her Facebook group, “Claiming Your Brilliance”. 

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Genuinely Supportive

pink quotation mark for mompreneursUp until recently, I had been reluctant to join Mompreneurs® as I thought it would be a waste of time. Last month, I revisited the opportunity and decided to join Mompreneurs® with a Standard Membership.

I attended my first monthly Momentum Luncheon shortly after and was so impressed with the event and the other women in attendance that I quickly decided to upgrade my membership to Elite Plus.

The connections and opportunities afforded by Mompreneurs® cannot be overstated. This is a fantastic group of genuinely supportive and fun-loving ladies!

Laurie J. Knechtel – Speaker & Strategic Marketing Advisor, eMotivate Marketing+Design

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Reflecting on the 2016 Mompreneurs Conference

Written by the TruShield Insurance Team

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of being part of the 2016 National Mompreneuer’s Conference as guests and Presenting Sponsor. So we brought along some of our key TruShield team members and our friend the Mentalist out to the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre for two days of inspiration, learning and fun.

The guest speakers were outstanding this year:  from motivational speakers, to celebrities and other sponsors providing great advice. Between the diverse fields of experts there was a lot of great advice to take in and we were busy making notes for ourselves. We were admittedly a little star struck with Debbie Travis, Erica Ehm and Natalie MacNeil who had such amazing stories to tell about their journeys to entrepreneurship. Having the chance to exclusively sample Debbie’s newest wine was also a nice bonus. Continue reading Reflecting on the 2016 Mompreneurs Conference

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A Vancouver Mompreneur in Toronto

Written by Angela Crocker

Joining Mompreneurs® Canada was a leap of faith for me. I joined on the strength of my admiration for Elaine Tan Comeau and became a founding Elite Member of the Vancouver Chapter. So rich was the content in our local meetings and in the resources on the national website that I felt compelled to travel to Toronto for the conference.  I’m very glad I invested the time, energy and money to get there.

As Jill Schoolenberg from GoDaddy Canada said, the benefits of attending a conference come in three phases – before during and after.

In advance of the conference, I read up on the known speakers, made lists of the people I hoped to meet and participated in pre-event events like the #MompConf tweet chat.

Angela Crocker and Debbie Travis at the Mompreneurs Conference
Angela Crocker meets Debbie Travis at The 2016 National Mompreneurs® Conference

During the event, I made sure to be open to opportunities to meet as many people as possible. If the number of business cards I exchanged are any indication, I shared meaningful dialogue with 50% of the attendees. 100 conversations in two days? No wonder I came home tired!

I especially enjoyed chats with fellow business communications professionals like Katy Takaoka from SBT Virtual, Kelly Farrell from Teach Me Social and Rania Walker from Front Door PR.  I’m certain those conversations will be ongoing. Continue reading A Vancouver Mompreneur in Toronto

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Building Relationships

pink quotation mark for mompreneursA lot of people may get discouraged if there is someone in the group that has the same business or service as you. I find the complete opposite! I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow graphic designer at the latest Mompreneur lunch (Lisa Flesher) and it’s so refreshing to chat and connect with someone that gets exactly what you do!

Sharing knowledge and tips with another entrepreneur is another way to build relationships. In my short time so far as a business owner, I have realized that it is all about building relationships and learning from other successful entrepreneurs.


Ang Wencel, Owner Visions – Graphic Artistry by Ang


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I Gained a Voice

pink quotation mark for mompreneursWhen I took a gigantic risk by leaving an established insurance-based career to pursue writing for a living, I would’ve imagined feeling very alone and disconnected. Early on in my new career however, I was fortunate enough to discover the power of solidarity: I became a member with Mompreneurs®.

Through this formidable group, I gained a voice. I met other mompreneurs and we all had an instant and meaningful connection: women; mothers; business owners; dreamers making it happen.

If you are looking for a way to feel like you’re a part of something big, and to get support as a mompreneur, then becoming a member will be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make to up level your business. The members of Mompreneurs® care about you as a person as much as they care about seeing your business succeed.  Don’t go it alone. Reach out for the Mompreneur® helping hand.


Elizabeth Kogan
Freelance Writer – Orchida Words at Work