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Why Should Your Business Expand to Another Country?

Ever wondered what it would take to expand your company reach into other countries around the world?

Thanks to our partners at UPS Canada, now you can print off these handy resources to help you learn exactly what opportunities are available and why you should explore expanding to countries like Germany, Mexico, China, and the U.S.!

Click the images below to view the full resource and download or print! Continue reading Why Should Your Business Expand to Another Country?

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How Renovating Your Business Space Can Boost Sales

Expert Advice from domilya GROUP

benefits of renovating commercial space from domilya group

Every single type of business has its fair share of competition. Creating a plan to support your success means ensuring that you are taking steps to stay ahead of your competitors and consistently attract and retain customers.

Renovating your commercial space can help keep your business ahead of the rest, and an expert contractor can help you execute a renovation plan that will not only impress your customers but also create a more functional space for running and growing your business.

Top Benefits of a Commercial Renovation

When you are renovating or redesigning your commercial space, the paint colours and layout you choose impacts more than meets the eye. The way your space looks influences how your customers feel as well as helps them form their opinion of your business.  Take a look at some of the top benefits your business can receive after you complete a commercial renovation:

1. Branding

Does the interior of your business reflect your brand?  Your interior commercial space is an excellent way to build your business branding.  Consistency is key when it comes to building brand awareness and you’d better believe businesses that are well known in your market have an interior space that clearly shows their brand.  In addition to carrying your brand colours throughout your space, the type of fixtures you choose, your layout and the condition of your space can have an impact on your success.

2. Showcasing Your Business

When you take the time to invest in a commercial renovation, you gain ways to showcase your business to your customers.  For example, renovating your waiting area can allow you to build more shelving to showcase your products or by incorporating a viewing, customers are able can watch services being completed.

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How to Break Down International Border Barriers…

and avoid the 3 most common international shipping mistakes that entrepreneurs make!

provided by UPS Canada

We often hear from Mompreneur® members who are interested in expanding their business into new international markets, but don’t know where to start. Additionally, we hear from experienced members whose products are actively offered in other markets, however they are in need of further guidance and expertise to make the most of their efforts.

We are very thankful to be partnered with UPS Canada, who are able to help our members make sense of the many ins and outs of international trade! Feel free to download this handy tip sheet as a PDF, or view below – we hope these insights help to make going global with your business even easier – thanks to UPS Canada!

Tips for going global in business - tips from UPS for women entrepreneurs and momrpeneurs Continue reading How to Break Down International Border Barriers…

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Company Profile: Compass Life Science Products

As featured in our Mompreneurs Marketplace at The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference

Elite+ Mompreneur member Sandy Kimpel and her company Compass Life Science Products help to move your health in the right direction.  Sandy is an independent distributor focusing on Enagic’s Kangen Water®.  In today’s society, we are not only seeing the rise of disease but it is affecting us at a younger age. As this water had such a profound impact on Sandy and her family, and after learning so much about the many health benefits, Sandy feels a true obligation to get out and educate and share this special water!

Enagic Ionizers are the pioneers, leaders, and Gold Standard in water ionizers and produce Kangen Water®, a registered trademark of the Enagic Corporation and through electrolysis or ionization produce Kangen Water® full of active hydrogen, alkalized, antioxidant, and superior in hydration.  Kangen is Japanese for back to origin – “water the way nature intended”.

Kangen Water Machine from ENAGIC - mompreneur Sandy Kimpel

Hydrogen Rich, Alkalized, Ionized Water – The Benefits

Medically proven to have preventative and positive effects on oxidative stress, acidosis, and dehydration related disease.

Some benefits are:  increases your energy, promotes good digestion, high in anti-oxidants and effective in neutralizing free radicals, aids in returning your body to a healthy alkaline state, detoxifies internal organs, weight loss, increases your metabolism.

This water does not heal or cure anything in and of itself.  But, the internal mechanisms that come into play within the human body will support the immune system and the body’s return to homeostasis.

Why Enagic?

  • It is used in over 300 hospitals in Japan and over 6,500 doctors have tested Enagic’s devices in clinical applications with their patients.
  • It is the only water treatment system certified as a medical device by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease.

Rich, Alkalized, Ionized water – The Science

The biological effects of hydrogen gas have been confirmed in over 350 studies and on 138 human diseases and has been shown to be therapeutic in virtually every organ.

The following excerpts are taken from Robert G. Wright’s founder and CEO of the American Anti-Cancer Institute’s book entitled “Killing Cancer Not People” and his chapter “Step Three of the Cancer Diet:  Restructured, Ionized Water Could Save Your Life.”  Mr. Wright recommends Enagic’s SD501 machine.   Continue reading Company Profile: Compass Life Science Products

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Company Profile: CubbyCubes

As featured in our Mompreneurs Marketplace at The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference

CubbyCubes were created by Elite Mompreneur member Sandi Silver with the purpose of simplifying and organizing her kids cubbies and shelves when they went to overnight camp.  When visiting them on Visitor’s Day it was apparent that something needed to be done to help her boys find their clothing with greater ease. Sandi decided to use her own packing cubes for them that were typically used for travel when organizing the family when going on vacation.

Mompreneur Sandi Silver of Cubby Cubes - logo

CubbyCubes is a new kind of packing cube. As a mother who was tired of disorganized camp cubbies, missing shorts, and t-shirts with shoe prints on clothing (true story!), Sandi created this product with modifications she knew were necessary for organized and convenient travel. What differentiates us from other similar products is that we added a label window that fits a standard business card. On this card is where you write the contents of the unit.

The design has a unique advantage over competitor brands because of the label window that appears behind the handle. Labels are available as well that are reusable (you can write on it with a Sharpie, erase with rubbing alcohol and write on it again!)  This time-saving feature allows any child or adult to easily locate their clothing and miscellaneous items, making CubbyCubes a must-have travel and life accessory.

mompreneur Sandi Silver of Cubby Cubes Continue reading Company Profile: CubbyCubes

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The U.S. is Open for Business 

Written by Paul Gaspar, Director of Small Business – UPS Canada

open for business in u.s.a post-it note

Taking the export plunge can feel overwhelming and appear intimidating but embracing it will open up your business to endless amounts of opportunities. For those looking to expand into new markets, the United States is a logical place to start.

Given the geographic proximity, similarity in business culture, shared language and the North American Free Trade Agreement, the U.S is the perfect market for Canadian businesses to get their feet wet when it comes to growing their business in a new market. Our long history of doing business together has created a strong relationship between Canadian businesses and U.S. consumers that could be a springboard and foundation for future growth outside of North America.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow your business? Consider these tips when deciding on expansion opportunities within the U.S.

  1. Blueprint for success: To manage risks and maintain service levels that your customers expect, work with a logistics partner to create a supply chain that fits your business plan. The experience will streamline your distribution network and will help you control costs more effectively. Learn more about UPS’s supply chain solutions here.
  2. Know your market: With over 320 million people living across 9.1 million square feet of land, your business has access to one of the most innovative consumer markets in the world. Find out how you can make your mark by vising UPS’s U.S. Guide.
  3. Learn about the advantages: The increase in the U.S. de minimis value from $200 to $800 on imported items represents a significant step in making it easier to sell and trade across the border for Canadian businesses.
  4. Understand your customers: The e-commerce landscape is changing; consumers are learning the nuances of shopping online and across multiple channels. They use more technology, more often, to do more things. For your business to be successful, your website must reach consumers wherever they are, on whatever device they may be using. Learn more about the tech-savvy U.S shopper here.

Continue reading The U.S. is Open for Business 

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Learn More About the Trade Accelerator Program

Without doubt, many entrepreneurs have thought about selling their product or service outside of Canada. After all, if there is demand in Canada, why wouldn’t there be in other markets? Many have taken exploratory steps into a new market, while some have taken the leap into the United States, and now want to try another part of the world.

Just like starting a business, entering a new market does take research, time and work; but what if you had a team of experts to help get you started and plan for your expansion? The Toronto Region Board Of Trade (TRBOT) began a Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) to help entrepreneurs continue to grow in new markets. They have partnered with experts in different fields like UPS Canada, RBC and EDC to run a two-day program focused on giving practical information and advice to get you started. Once the two-day session is complete, an additional session will assist you in creating a Market Entry Plan.

Plus, if you mention that you were referred by UPS Canada when you apply, the program is free and you will receive a complimentary one year membership to the TRBOT valued at $1,400, if your application to the TAP program is approved! With the membership you can use TRBOT services and network with other businesses in the Toronto Region.

The next TAP session is set for December 13 and 14 so please visit to see if you qualify.  If you do, remember to state on the application that you were referred by UPS Canada – it’s a win-win all around!




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Sustainability, The Key To Moving Businesses Forward

Contributed by UPS Canada

UPS Canada

Across the globe, governments, businesses and the general public are taking a stance to support local communities and environmental sustainability. Today, consumer buying habits are increasingly influenced by a businesses’ sustainable practices and with the ease of information gathering, shoppers are researching who they are buying from. Sustainable practices provide businesses with an edge over their competitors, it attracts global buyers and serves as a selling feature that allows Canadian businesses to grow sales.

Like UPS, Canadian businesses should increase visibility with customers and showcase their sustainable practices. Here are 4 tips to consider to give your business a sustainable edge.  Continue reading Sustainability, The Key To Moving Businesses Forward

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How To Enter the U.S. Market

Export to the South, to Build Up

The world is your playground. The time is now for Canadian small businesses to think global and expand to markets across the world. However, going international doesn’t always include travelling a long distance – your desired market may just be south of the Canadian border.

UPS tips for entering the U.S market - mompreneursWith a population of more than 313 million and trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadians and Americans have fostered a strong and long standing trading partnership.  Global trade initiatives like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will make the U.S. a central hub for exports in North America, which has the potential to expose Canadian products to international consumers.

Has your business prospered in Canada, and are you looking to grow? Here is a checklist to assist you with taking the next step and exporting to the U.S. Continue reading How To Enter the U.S. Market

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How E-Commerce Opens Global Markets

By Paul Gaspar, Small Business Director, UPS Canada

UPS e-commerce for mompreneursWhere are your next customers?
The global economy is changing and opportunity for your company exists in markets that you might not have considered. Over the next 15 years, 80 per cent of the world’s economic growth is projected to come from a rising middle class outside of North America and Europe. These global marketplaces are ready to buy your Canadian goods, but what’s the easiest way for your business to reach them? One word: e-commerce. Continue reading How E-Commerce Opens Global Markets