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Katie Valade – Steeped Tea Inc.

Katie Valade is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Cambridge, Ontario. She is an Independent Consultant and Group Director with My Steeped Tea, and we are excited to share her Success Story!

Mompreneur Katie Valade Steeped Tea Independent Consultant and Group Director

What is your business/company all about?
I love that my business is about the art of relaxing! We connect friends, family, and neighbours back together again over great conversation and a beautiful cup of tea. I love educating women on providing healthy, incredibly delicious iced tea for their family to replace juice, as well as doing lattes at home to save you even more money! Every day, I get to make tea, relax, meet new people and celebrate not just the versatile world of loose leaf tea, but the ones that we share it with in our lives.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I was never looking to become an entrepreneur – this is the job that I never knew I wanted! I only became an entrepreneur because I was tired of living paycheque to paycheque and I knew that it seemed like the thing that moms did – find another part-time job that can be done in a very flexible way! I quickly realized that being an entrepreneur was in my spirit and it was perfectly meant for my life and my future. I could see the aspects of my personality that were thriving in the role of an entrepreneur, and the ways that previous jobs had showcased entrepreneurial roles and I had really gravitated towards them. When I began as an entrepreneur, I thought that I had stumbled upon this whole new world of business, but in reality, the world of entrepreneurs was meant for me!

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
I am absolutely in love with the incredible opportunities that I have in owning my own business! I think that the flexible nature, the ownership of my schedule, and the personal growth are the greatest surprises in this job. I love that I can both rock out a sales day, meet with clients, do a coaching call, go to the gym and volunteer at my kid’s school in the same day. I love that no what matter time of day my kid is going on a field trip, I can be there! I love that I can take my kids with me to some meetings, that I can do coaching calls while they are napping, that we can do facebook live videos together to promote a new product, and that as I host team meetings in my home, my kids can be a part of what I do and get excited for the opportunities that have.

I love that I am in control of my schedule! I can volunteer every Wednesday night and no one gets to tell me to go to work. I can work the first half of the month heavy in sales to meet goals, and then focus the second half of the month on coaching and customer service. I love that I get to make the decisions about how fast I grow my business, how busy my calendar is, where I travel, who I visit and how I allocate my time and money. I love that I get to grow my leadership through making the big decisions, but that I also get to be part of a bigger picture in my company where I am learning and growing alongside other like-minded, driven people. Continue reading Katie Valade – Steeped Tea Inc.

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Amanda Wilde – Allstate Insurance

Amanda Wilde is an Elite Mompreneur member based out of Milton, Ontario. She is a licensed home and auto insurance Agent with Allstate Insurance, where she provides excellence in customer service and complete transparency to her clients. She enjoys her job and helping people, and takes pride in providing families with peace of mind. We are excited to share Amanda’s Success Story!
mompreneur member Amanda Wilde of Allstate Insurance in Milton, Ontario

Tell us about what you do.

What I feel I do is provide customer service excellence and transparency. I transitioned to a sales role from customer service in September 2016. It can be exhausting and hard, and outside my normal comfort zone, but I’m good at it. I’m honest, and approachable and funny; people like to deal with me. It’s a great feeling when being you just works. The insurance world is competitive, it’s hard to find leads and set yourself apart, especially when you are not in control of the price! But I think there is value in my customer-focused sales approach – friendly, honest and available. My customers get my cell number. If they have a claim, I’ll be there to help. That’s my promise. Insurance is something you have to buy and hope you never need. But if you need it, it’s going to be through some type of loss. To have a friendly, helpful voice there to help, I believe that is priceless.
What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
My kids inspire me to be the best I can be. My entire working life, I’ve been a “behind the scenes” kind of person. Since graduating high school, I’ve worked in offices and worked my way up to a high level Executive Assistant. I made a decent living; my job was easy, Monday to Friday, little to no overtime. Great, right? Nope. Co-workers always told me, “You could do so much more than this Amanda. You are so smart, outgoing, and friendly.  Why don’t you go back to University and finish your degree?”  All well and good but, I’m also a single mom of two boys. They come first. I don’t have the luxury of taking two years off from work to finish school.
Instead, I took a leap of faith one day and quit my cushy executive assistant job. I started in a Customer Service role at Allstate Insurance. New career, definitely a lot harder of a job, and a lot less pay! But, it gave me more satisfaction. After almost three years with Allstate, I decided to take the plunge and move in to a sales role. This is what people have been telling me to do all my life, but I couldn’t see it.  Me — front and centre? No way!
Through this leap, I’ve been able to provide for my two boys and start to set aside money for our future. For the first time in my life, I’m in control of how much I provide for my family. I am working harder than I ever have in my life. I’m in the driver’s seat. I have always been a hard-worker, but this new role has put that in the forefront and I get rewards for all the effort I put in. I get to talk to people all day and make some great connections. I get such a feeling of satisfaction by selling “my way” — by being honest, asking the right questions, and being available to my customers.

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Lisa Braun – Social Art

Lisa Braun is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Kitchener, Ontario. She is the Owner and Artist of Social Art, where it’s all about bringing out the creativity in everyone! We’re excited to share Lisa’s Success Story!

Mompreneur Lisa Braun of Social Art in Kitchener, Ontario

What is Social Art all about?
As children, we are all creative, but so many adults feel that they don’t have a creative “bone” in their body. My goal is to not only have every social artist leave with a painting they love, but also to feel more confident when they leave. Art has this amazing ability to make people smile, laugh, relax and it can even be healing. So whatever a person may be feeling when they walk through the doors of Social Art, my goal is to use art and personal connection as a way to brighten their day, and make a difference.We hold social painting events in our studio, as well as in local breweries, that can take a complete beginner or an already avid painter from a blank canvas, to a finished painting in two hours. We use detailed, step-by-step instruction to guide them along, while creating an encouraging, fun, and relaxing atmosphere.  Its’s a fun night out for friends, couples, or just some alone time.

We offer public events on our website, and also do private events such as bachelorettes, birthdays, girl’s nights, fundraisers…. you name it.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I would have to say that my family has been my number one inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur.  I watched my mom spend almost twenty years in a job that made her unhappy.  She moved cities and found a job in the same industry, and after one day of working there, just decided she was done. With no prior experience , she purchased a home decor/gift shop and became her own boss! Twelve years later she has adapted to change, and grown the business into a thriving women’s fashion store! She followed her passion and is totally in her element. My husband has also been involved in his family business for almost 30 years, and was so supportive of me when I came to him with the opportunity to be an entrepreneur myself. Continue reading Lisa Braun – Social Art

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Shelley Pelc – Dynamic Kitchens

Shelley Pelc is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of London, Ontario. She is the Owner of Dynamic Kitchens where her attention to detail and her ability to conceptualize the finished project from the early stages of the design process ensures that the space will be functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are excited to share Shelley’s Success Story!

Mompreneur Shelley Pelc of Dynamic Kitchens in London, Ontario

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Confidence and passion. After working in the industry for many different companies along with my husband and co-owner Drew, it was time to show how passionate we are about what we do and create our own vision. It was time to take a risk in life and not look back wondering how things would be different if we didn’t go for it.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
Working with a great team that supports you and understands that if you succeed, they do too.

Mompreneur Shelley Pelc of Dynamic Kitchens in London, Ontario

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Barb Wallick – Wealth Transformation Coach

Barb Wallick is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Langley, British Columbia. She is a Wealth Transformation Coach with Fear-Less Coaching & Training. We are excited to share Barb’s Success Story!
Mompreneur Barb Wallace - Transformation Coach

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
As a child I learned early to find ways to earn money. I grew pumpkins and sold them at the end of the driveway, I asked the neighbours if they would hire me to weed gardens and I went to work with my Dad. I would do whatever it took to earn money. Over the years I began a love affair with money and found myself working in the Financial Industry climbing the corporate ladder, each year accepting a new position and promotion.
The change happened after I had my daughter in 2001. It was a high risk pregnancy and our lives were on the line. It was then that I realized that life was more than the 9 to 5 grind. My values changed and I felt that they and my integrity were constantly being tested. My priority as a Mother and daughter to an ailing Mother, were being tested over and over again until the breaking point at the end of 2012. I wanted to leave my corporate life for years previously, but was in a pattern of doubt and fear and questioned my ability to start my own business. I feared failure and wondered how on earth I could support my family losing my 6 figure income. I asked the universe and promised myself I would make the leap, but sadly, just couldn’t do it.
In 2012, I was pushed to my limits, sick and tired, I was an emotional mess and my boss turned up the heat, to the point it was impossible for me to meet the unrealistic goals he set. At one point I sat across the desk from him while he threatened my job and told him “I will do what I have to do to look after my clients and you do what you have to do”. Thank God the Universe listened because shortly after that he let me go with a severance package which allowed me to take the time to heal both physically and emotionally.
5 years later I am healthier in Mind, Body and Spirit than I have ever been. I have let go of my employee mindset, released all of my doubts, fears and personal criticism, and built a business that fulfills my soul and brings me joy each day. I have come full circle. My rediscovery of myself began as I started to train as a Co-Active Life Coach and Licensed, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® Trainer, which then led me to also add many colourful tools to my business. Including, Chakradance® Facilitator, Food & Spirit Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Tapping Into Wealth Coach. All of this on top of 30 years as a Financial Advisor, helping thousands of people with money related goals has led me to where I am today.

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Lisa Austin – It Fits Personal Training

Lisa Austin is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of London, Ontario. She is the Founder of It Fits Personal Training, where her mission is to give you the knowledge, inspiration, and motivation you need to succeed— so you can commit to being the best you can be. From practical tools to creating a workable plan, to strategies for personal growth and development, Lisa’s goal as a personal trainer is to empower you to putting your health first so you can do what you do best. We are excited to share Lisa’s Success Story!

Mompreneur Lisa Austin of It Fits Personal Training in London, Ontario

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I was inspired to become an entrepreneur at a time when I knew life had to have something more for me. I first became a certified personal trainer after being in a car accident a few years ago. I was frustrated with the constant pain and later, dealing with the extra weight I had gained from lack of movement and unhealthy food choices. What started out as a means to ‘fix’ me, soon became a passion that I decided to share with others.

I achieved my certifications with NCCPT and later, CanfitPro. I expanded on those certifications by taking further courses: Post Rehab Essentials, Weight Management Specialist, and Kettlebell Training to name a few. I also hold the SrFit Mature Fitness Training Specialty Certification, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Exercise Nutrition and, most recently, Level 2 Master Certification.

Feeling like I found my purpose, I also needed to be mindful of being a role model to my sons. I was teaching my sons that they were responsible for their own happiness and if they weren’t happy, they needed to change their circumstances.

I preferred exercising at home or outside, and trying to get a job in a gym just wasn’t for me. That’s when I took the leap of faith and started It Fits Personal Training.

I help you make it fit… with your clothes, in your routine, in your life.

Mompreneur Lisa Austin of It Fits Personal Training in London, Ontario

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
The best part of owning my business is knowing my work is appreciated! The personal satisfaction I feel when I’ve done something to the best of my ability is wonderful! I am able to set my schedule around the priorities I set for myself. I know my limits and I work within them. I know that if something doesn’t work the way I would have liked, it is directly related to the efforts I put into my tasks. I love that I am able to do what I need to in order to regroup; if that means taking a short nap or changing tasks, I can do that without feeling like I’m shirking my duties.

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Andrea ArEsse – Andrea ArEsse, Author & Blogger

Andrea ArEsse is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She is an Author and Blogger, and owner of Mom Knows Some Things. We are excited to share Andrea’s Success Story!

mompreneur Andrea ArEsse mommy blogger and owner of Mom Knows Some Things

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
In the year after welcoming my first child I was hit with blow after blow, and loss after loss. One of the challenges I faced was giving up my own job as my husband had been relocated. Though I was not forced to give up my career in the move, I saw the change as an opportunity to explore new ventures. For me, writing has always been an outlet to work through my own personal pain and heartache; however, this time was different. This time I felt like I had something really important to share, and so I began my journey as a blogger and author. My book is currently out to beta readers, and I am excited to one day soon be holding my book in my hands and empowering new moms to find the strength in their struggles.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
The best part of this journey is the daily challenge: goal setting, being persistent, working hard, and most importantly believing in yourself. While there are definitely times where I have second guessed my choices, and myself, I know that each obstacle brings me closer to the finish line. It’s a pretty gratifying feeling to be able to fuel your own confidence with something you’ve created, and although I am still getting my ducks in a row with my product, I know that once I have them in line the sky will be my limit!

mompreneur Andrea ArEsse mommy blogger and owner of Mom Knows Some Things

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Rosa Dente – Zija International

Rosa Dente is an Elite Mompreneur member based out of Burnaby, British Columbia. She is a Natural Health Revolution Founder for Zija International. We are excited to share Rosa’s Success Story!

mompreneur Rosa Dente for Zija International

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Actually, I had no intentions of working for myself or running my own business! It was one of those things that just landed in my lap at the right time. I was skeptical at first but, after trying the amazing products that helped increase my energy, mental clarity, and reduce my medications, I knew I had to share with those who are important to me. It just felt like the right thing to do and I had a drive and a strong intuition to follow my passion.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to be there for my family. This was so important to me when I was working in the corporate world for over 20 years, and always one of my dreams, but I never thought it would happen.

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Denise Bysma – Pure Magic Vacations

Denise Bysma is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Guelph, Ontario. She is a Disney Vacation Specialist with Pure Magic Vacations. We are excited to share Denise’s Success Story!

mompreneur Denise Bysma of Pure Magic Vacations

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
The freedom to create my own destiny. My success or failures are my own. It is exciting to me to 
not be limited by my employer on how much income I make or what I do.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
I love my life now! I love that I have a flexible work schedule so that I can be available for my 
family and that I’m able to incorporate our family trips with my work as a travel agent. I have 
the ability to work from my home office and not commuting to a “brick and mortar” workplace.

Can you describe a typical day?
I usually start my day returning emails and working on my social media. Then, when my travel 
suppliers are open I begin to work on quoting and bookings for my clients. Later, I usually 
have meetings with clients to go over their travel documents and packages. I like to have a 
personal relationship with my clients and arrange to meet in person. I go over everything with them and 
answer any questions.

mompreneur Denise Bysma of Pure Magic Vacations disney vacation specialist with Mickey Mouse

Who do you count on for help? Do you have a network of family that answer the call?
I am in a place in my life where most of my children are grown and have “left the nest”, with only one teenage daughter left at home. I have a wonderful husband and he is a 
great support for me. Continue reading Denise Bysma – Pure Magic Vacations

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Petra Mayer – Petra Mayer Consulting

Petra Mayer is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a Business Strategy Coach and owner of Petra Mayer Consulting. We are excited to share Petra’s Success Story!

mompreneur Petra Mayer of Petra Mayer consulting

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Well, firstly I need to admit that while I had always wanted to be “self-employed” when it came down to taking the leap, it was because of a job loss as my previous employer relocated the office to New York, that led me heading down this new path. I benefited from finding some contract work right after leaving my corporate job that allowed me to research and investigate various ways to build my business. These first six years of being an entrepreneur have been the most exciting and rewarding, yet challenging years in my life with plenty of opportunities for personal growth.

My consulting and coaching services are available to service professionals who want to grow their practice from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many. I have also developed self-study courses and group programs that help professionals define their ideal target audience and generate new leads in their business as well as how to create their first online course or group program. I also work on contract as a leadership coach and facilitator and as an eLearning specialist.

In 2017, I will host my first 3-day event, the Big Leap Bootcamp© Live Event, which I am super excited about. I have attended many 3-day events by experts, and along with my mentors, have created an event which combines the best parts I have learned with my own teaching for entrepreneurs who want to create their leveraged signature system.

So to sum it up, there is always something or someone inspiring to take my journey as an entrepreneur to the next level.

mompreneur Petra Mayer of Petra Mayer consulting Big Leap Bootcamp live event Continue reading Petra Mayer – Petra Mayer Consulting