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A Post-Conference Reflection

Written by Sacha Pinto

Where do I even begin? I am just coming down from the high of attending the 4th Annual National Mompreneurs Conference – my second one attending.

Last year I attended when I made the declaration that I would become an entrepreneur. And at the end of that conference, I decided that I MUST meet the CEO Maria Locker, and I MUST somehow become more involved in this incredible organization. The rest is history and I am now the Licensed Owner of Mompreneurs® for Mississauga and Peel Region.

This year, I attended the conference as a team member. And although the primary focus was to help ensure that the program ran as smooth as possible to Maria’s vision, fortunately, I was able to participate in hearing some incredible speakers.

Sacha Pinto of Mompreneurs with Debbie Travis at Mompreneur Conference Toronto  Mompreneurs Conference

Debbie Travis Wine at Mompreneurs Conference  Tessa and Sacha at Mompreneurs Conference

I had many takeaways but I thought I would share the ones that stood out the most:


Four Pillars of Success

Clearly defined blueprint

Team to back you up

Plan for making changes

Vision for the future that you can share with other people

Tradeshow Tips

Signage Matters—3 seconds to walk past a 10 Ft. booth: make an impression

Invisible barrier—different coloured carpet from main carpet can distract attendees

Create a buzz and make them not want to miss out

Engage ahead of time with audience

Build booth from drape out, not aisle in.




– @FayChapple


If You Don’t Have A BRAND, What Are You Marketing?


Two Types of Buyers:

Pain Avoiders

Pleasure Seekers

Change Your Mind

Change Your Life



Words Have Energy




Change Your Mind

Change Your Life



Words Have Energy

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