Mompreneurs® is dedicated to the support, education, and promotion of women entrepreneurs across Canada, your ‘go-to’ resource for business success, connections, advice, education, and just about everything in between. No matter what stage of entrepreneurship you’re in, we’re here to help you reach your goals for success.

We strive to give members a platform where they can network with other female entrepreneurs and local businesses, and provide virtual and in-person events where they can learn, connect, and gain exposure for all their hard work. We are your business family, ready to make things happen and shake things up.

Mompreneur® News

Top 5 Things to Do for Your Business Before 2018

Written by Andrea Henry I can’t believe we’re in the second quarter of 2017 already! We start the year with such good intentions and then…life happens. It’s never to late though, to begin again. Among your brilliant marketing initiatives and hiring strategies, make time to implement these 5 things and save yourself money, time and […]

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To Go “All In”

Written by Danielle Joworski To go all in Means to not look back To fear what was, could be, or never will know To have a belief So strong in its roots That shelters, supports, pushes and grows To accept that life Will present gifts of few and plenty All in time, aligned with your […]

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Entrepreneurs & Burnout

Written by Erica Mitchell At some time in our life we all experience burnout, and some of us will experience more than others.  As entrepreneurs we may be more susceptible to work burnout, as we have this mentality that we can do it all, or that we have to do it all. We are driven […]

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How Incentives, Freebies & Giveaways Can Grow Your Brand

Raising awareness about your business is hard work.  Sure, you can take out a magazine ad, but that one ad will quickly eat up your marketing dollars. Promotional products are a cost effective way to get your logo in front of thousands of potential clients. Here are some helpful tips: Host a Contest Using promotional […]

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How to Break Down International Border Barriers…

and avoid the 3 most common international shipping mistakes that entrepreneurs make! provided by UPS Canada We often hear from Mompreneur® members who are interested in expanding their business into new international markets, but don’t know where to start. Additionally, we hear from experienced members whose products are actively offered in other markets, however they […]

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Company Profile: Compass Life Science Products

As featured in our Mompreneurs Marketplace at The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference Elite+ Mompreneur member Sandy Kimpel and her company Compass Life Science Products help to move your health in the right direction.  Sandy is an independent distributor focusing on Enagic’s Kangen Water®.  In today’s society, we are not only seeing the rise of disease but […]

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The Untold Secret as to Why You Feel Stuck in Your Life

Written by Danielle Joworski Your mother probably never told you this, because she was never told. Or allowed. You are probably passing this onto your daughter, friends, peers and team members without even realizing it, because you were never told, or allowed. And you are left wondering why you are stuck. What is the biggest […]

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