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Welcome to the national site of the MOMpreneurs

Mompreneurs is here to support, educate, and empower moms in business across the country. We strive to give business women a platform where they can network with other female entrepreneurs and local businesses, and provide events where they can showcase their talents.

We want to help mompreneurs and business women gain the tools to establish themselves in their local communities as well as online, while our networking meetings are the perfect way to meet with other entrepreneurs and make important business connections.

We look forward to connecting with you in person or online and discussing how we can help you!

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Featured Member

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Posted September 5, 2014

Our members come from different walks of life, with unique talents and gifts, yet this amazing diversity still has one common ground – they are all Mompreneurs – bringing their best to serve their community and each other while balancing their duties as moms. Not a Member yet? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity […]

How to Make Telecommuting Work for Your Business

Posted September 28, 2014

Employees love to work from home.  It eliminates the dreaded commute and it allows for a healthier work-life balance.  From the company perspective, it reduces the need for office space, provides flexibility, and makes you a competitive employer.  However, since telecommuting employees are vastly different from employees working in the office, you need to manage them differently.  With more […]

Member Discount with ZIPCAR

Posted September 22, 2014


Are You Too Sensitive?


Entrepreneurs are, by definition, passionate people.  They pour their hearts and souls into their business, so it’s natural for them to be a little annoyed when someone doesn’t give their company the respect that it deserves.  However, if you are going to survive as an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to draw a line between your business and who you are as a human being.  […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Brain Power

Posted September 19, 2014

What would you be capable of if you were even smarter than you are now?  Like any other muscle in your body, if you want to strengthen your brain, you need to exercise it.  Although you are busy and may be solving problems all day, there is a good chance that your brain is being […]

#TheArtOf Entrepreneurship

Posted September 16, 2014

Join Our Mompreneurs® Team at Canada’s #1 Entrepreneurship Conference!   WHAT TO EXPECT This one day conference features a collection of internationally renowned bestselling authors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs, who will share an exciting blend of cutting edge thinking and real world experience on today’s most critical business issues. You’ll have countless opportunities to meet, […]

Join Arlene Dickinson’s Breakfast Table

Posted September 13, 2014

    Arlene Dickinson & YouInc invite you to join us for an exclusive breakfast event with some of Canada’s leading and most celebrated entrepreneurs. Learn valuable insights as Arlene shares an intimate and frank conversation about being in business with top renowned Canadian entrepreneurs Christine Magee, President of Sleep Country Canada, and Robert Deluce, […]

The Mistakes that Busy Entrepreneurs Make

Posted September 12, 2014

As entrepreneurs. we are often so busy getting through each day that we let the little things slide.  While calling an important client or dealing with the problem that’s right in front of you may seem more urgent, you can’t neglect the little tasks for long without it catching up to you.  Remember, great wars throughout […]

Join Us for the Women & Wealth Luncheon with Kelsey Ramsden

Posted September 9, 2014

  Spots are limited – join us while you network with other women in business, and learn from Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur in the process!  

Member Discount with Telus

Posted September 8, 2014

We know that starting and managing a small business can be a huge challenge. You want to spend your time building the business and you want to invest your money in helping it to grow. Here’s how TELUS can make it easier for you. With the TELUS Start-up Bundle, it’s easy to own the new […]

Survive the Back to School Transition

Posted September 5, 2014

Remember your first day of school?  You were yanked out of summer bliss, separated from your friends, and forced to sit at a desk for six hours.  Someone always ended up crying by the end of the day.  Transitions are difficult and they’re no easier now when it’s your kids who are going to school.  It’s stressful for you, particularly when […]