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We strive to give members a platform where they can network with other female entrepreneurs and local businesses, and provide virtual and in-person events where they can learn, connect, and gain exposure for all their hard work. We are your business family, ready to make things happen and shake things up.

Mompreneur® News

Top SEO tips for your website

Written by Andrea Rowland Ready to tap into the power of search engines to drive traffic to your website? You don’t need a fancy tech degree, or to shell out big bucks for an SEO expert, to get started. Anyone can learn the basics of search engine optimization. “This is understandable stuff,” said Moz founder […]

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Why Money is Simply a Tool

Written by Korean Whitney MONEY. This word alone conjures up all kinds of pre-conceived ideas, thoughts and feelings. For a lot of people, these ideas, thoughts and feelings are primarily negative. But what IS money, really? It is simply a tool. My husband has this quaint saying, “Honey, you need to use the right tool for […]

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Easy Tips for Entertaining at Home 

Written by Dana Shortt I recently had the pleasure of giving a talk that focused on “entertaining like a caterer”. Although I love to entertain, I’m fully aware that it can be quite stressful and intimidating for many people. If you are less than eager to entertain, there is always the option of taking people […]

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The Money Diet

Written by Shalini Dharna Who hasn’t started a diet? Take pizza for example; as a pizza lover, you could commit to no carbs, no sugars, no saturated fats, and/or no MSG…  and somehow, as soon as you start your diet, O.M.G there are pizza commercials everywhere! Day 1 isn’t always so bad; a few cravings maybe, but overall you think to […]

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The U.S. is Open for Business 

Written by Paul Gaspar, Director of Small Business – UPS Canada Taking the export plunge can feel overwhelming and appear intimidating but embracing it will open up your business to endless amounts of opportunities. For those looking to expand into new markets, the United States is a logical place to start. Given the geographic proximity, […]

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Do You Have These Top 5 Sales Skills?

Written by Shannon Cox – BBA, MBA As entrepreneurs, being skilled in sales tactics is imperative, yet something most of us could use some help with. Here are 5 Sales Skills that every entrepreneur should hone: Active Listening The human body has one mouth and two ears (1:2); this is an important ratio for a salesperson. […]

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